My personal experience during filming of the first Ellen's Design Challenge episode.

How I got in:

On april 22nd 2014 my friends Stephen and David sent me an email with a link to MSN news about Ellen's new reality production. Later that day another friend who works in the industry found the name, email and number of the casting director. I sent him this email: 


My name is Jose Gaspar and I am a designer!

I graduated from Pratt institute, NY in 2001. Being a designer it's a part of who I am since the day I was born. Creating innovative and beautiful shapes always came so natural to me that for a while I never thought much of it.  

Back in school over heard a conversation in the school cafeteria. Some student was describing my work and talking about how that guy "student genius" had made a bolt out of straws to create a structural sphere made out of ONLY plastic. At Pratt institute  my work was always selected to represent Pratt student's best work at the ICFF (International contemporary furniture Fair) After these and a few other similar experiences I realized that my view on design was different from the rest of designers around me.

 While I design I ask myself: "Has something like this has been done before?" (if so, it's time to move on to something else). "Does this object speak to the user?", "Is this object alive or is it dead and boring? and is this the most BEAUTIFUL version of what it could be?"

Having said that, I do not believe that design follows function. If that was the case we would not need any more chairs, tables, couches etc... We already have plenty of useful items. We need design because we need to express our individuality, our emotions, our feelings.

 To me design is the physical representation of feelings and emotions. Design is what feelings look like in the tangible world. As the bottom of my emails read "Functionality in design is just an excuse to create something beautiful". 

Thanks SOOO much for reading my submission and from the bottom of my heart I REALLY hope to see you soon! :-)

"Functionality in design is just an excuse to create something beautiful"

Jose Gaspar De Jesus.-